Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Benefit of BodyEngine

If you are browsing this page chances are that you are interested in an effective way to manage you weight.

The Internet if full of pages promoting diet methods which are either bogus, unrealistic or non-working - aka “fad diets”. Their main purpose is to lure you into purchasing a particular product such as a dietary supplement or a diet pill.

But our goal is different! We at BodyEngine would like to show you the true way, the natural way, for how to organize your diet plan in order to allow the human nature itself take its course and bring your weight to the desired healthy level.

Do you realize that all that’s required to lower your weight and maintain it at the healthy level is the knowledge of how many calories to eat, understanding of your activity level, a little bit of effort and discipline, and some time (the longest a few months)?

Regardless of your age or gender or weight, if you correctly estimate your daily or weekly activity level and energy requirement (calories required to maintain your weight), you will be able to predict how your body weight will change over the period of time – whether it will increase, decrease or stay constant.

By adjusting your caloric intake and/or activity level you will then be able to force your weight towards your preferred level. It is the natural way of the human body to balance itself and its nutritional requirements.

There is no need for expansive diet programs or magic diet pills! Simply know how much you need to eat every day and make sure that you don’t eat more than required, keep your activity level consistent, and wait for your weight to gradually go down and then remain at the optimal level!

And here is how BodyEngine can help you with that:
  1. Use our calculators to estimate your energy requirements (calories).
  2. Come up with your personal daily diet plan which matches, but does not exceed, your daily caloric requirement.
  3. Shop at your local grocery store for the foods of your choice.
  4. Ensure that you accurately estimate your activity level – sedentary, low active, active, etc.
  5. Keep eating the meals included in your diet plan; and keep your activity level consistent.
  6. Use our calculators to regularly update your parameters (weight, activity level) in case your energy requirements must change.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6.
  8. Over some time, watch your weight get to and remain at your desired level.
Finally, say thanks to BodyEngine, Mother Nature and enjoy your optimal weight!


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